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Jan 10, 2023
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Pocket FM mod apk is an audio app in which you can download various stories and audiobooks, and also you can listen to these stories and audiobooks with the help of this app. The features of this app are very useful for you if you love to listen to radio shows. Download the pocket FM Mod APK from my website and get all episodes unlocked for free. Pocket FM is also available on Playstore, but all the episodes are locked if you download this application from Playstore. To unlock them, you have to pay for them. But in puremodded, you get a modified version in which all the episodes are free to use, and also you can download everything from this app.

Pocket FM MOD APK All Episodes Unlocked

You’ll love this application if you enjoy listening to audio MusicMusic on the radio and are into audio stories. With this app, you’ll find everything you need in one place. Apps like this are becoming very popular worldwide and in India, because they allow you to listen to current and old audiobooks, songs, radio, podcasts, and courses all in one app. This app is becoming very popular throughout the world.

The Pocket FM mod is used worldwide and has thousands of reviews. 

You can listen to hundreds of audiobooks through this app, as well as listen to radio channels around the world. This app has many features, so you will never get bored using it.

With Pocket FM, you can relax effectively and sleep better every night. It is an app that is so optimized that you don’t have to worry about lagging issues. Relaxing Music will make your time more enjoyable and comfortable. In addition to a wide variety of genres, the app offers meditation music, giving you a sense of calm and a sense of relaxation. Relaxation in life is possible with this app. Thus, Pocket FM will help you adjust your life rhythm by playing passionate music music. You will enjoy listening to the audio songs in this app. In addition to Indian songs, this app will also find religious, personal biography, romantic, motivational, and many more stories.

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Features of Pocket FM MOD APK

Brilliant FM:

It used to be a radio that was the most frequently used and optimized device. In addition to listening to MusicMusic, radios were used to get information about local government and global affairs. However, radios have been largely replaced by mobile phones and televisions in the modern era. Therefore, the creators of this app have added this feature so that radio can be listened to on mobile applications. This app has an amazing feature: turn on the radio option and automatically tune every channel you find near your location. You can listen to this app 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without restrictions. This is because it has radio services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thus, you can use this app to listen to Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, and other regional stations online without any effort or difficulty. 

Relaxing Music:

You might want to soothe yourself by listening to soothing MusicMusic whenever you feel stressed or depressed after a long day. You know that MusicMusic is the most popular choice for people to relax at any stage of life. This app allows you to access a huge amount of soothing MusicMusic. I will be able to help us to relax completely, thereby refreshing us and refreshing our minds. It has been programmed not only with fast, energetic MusicMusic in mind but with a considerable amount of meditation music. This will take all your worries away and make you feel more peaceful. Many people think that MusicMusic nourishes our spirits through meditation music, just as water, air, and food do.


There are many podcasts available, not only Indian but also international, that you can use to create your podcast. This app is very helpful if you want to create an audio podcast.

 Play MusicMusic:

The Pocket FM app lets you listen to thousands of songs. You don’t need to use another app to listen to MusicusicM while using this amazing app. It has so many impressive features you think were made for you.

That’s why this application is so popular.

Listen to it to relax when you’re feeling depressed. It has so much relaxing MusicMusic you can listen to before you go to bed to get a good sleep. It has so much relaxing MusicMusic you can listen to before bed. In addition, whenever you update this app, it will add more songs and MusicMusic.

 English Courses:

Almost everyone knows how important English is. It has become an international language as a result. We all wanted to learn and speak English fluently so we could communicate with people worldwide. People who don’t understand this language can use this app to learn English. Those who want to learn English more quickly can benefit from this feature. It is also possible to learn English with Pocket FM without attending lectures regularly or going to any classrooms.

Using this app, you can learn English by listening to English courses that are easy and simple, so you will never find them difficult.

 Audio Book:

In addition to its wonderful audio feature, this app will help users connect with all cultural and religious activities. As no one has enough time to perform their culture and religious tasks, it will be helpful for you to become closer to your religion and culture. Because of the lack of knowledge, we are straying so far from our cultural and religious beliefs. As part of this app, you can set audio about any topic and listen to it while you do anything else. Fm Mod apk for Android also includes audio versions of good books you can listen to.

Various Language:

It is available in different languages, so it is possible to use this app in the language you understand if you are unfamiliar with English.

 No Membership Needed

The first version of the app is membership-based, meaning that you will not be able to use this app or even download it to your phone if you don’t have a membership. The latest mod version, however, does not require anything since it is free of charge and requires no membership. This is even if you don’t plan on spending any money on it. Pocket FM’s mod version is free of charge, so you can get the app free of charge and use its full features without registering. Download the free mod version of the app to get the app free.

No ads:

The paid version of Pocket FM will never contain any ads, and you won’t see any notifications while using it. All the ads will be removed automatically, and you won’t be charged to remove them. So you can enjoy Pocket FM without fear of being disturbed.

VIP Content

The old version of Pocket FM did not allow you to play VIP content of the app without paying for a monthly membership. In the mod version of Pocket FM, you do not have to pay to get VIP content since all VIP content is available for free. Consequently, in the Mod version of Pocket Fm Apk, all its features would be available to you free of charge.

Different Stories to Listen:

One of the top-rated apps in the world is Pocket FM because it has so many awesome features for its users. There are a lot of stories and episodes available in this app, which is one of its greatest features.

This app offers a wide variety of stories, including horror, romance, thrillers, mystery, love, crime, and morals. If you enjoy listening to different stories, this is your place. You can listen to over a hundred thousand stories in this app. The best part of this app is that it comes in different languages, which means you can choose another language if you cannot understand English.

How to get a Pocket FM mod APK without membership?

If you download the Mod version, you can use the app without being a member or paying a dime.


There are many features that Pocket FM provides its users. With this application, you can listen to your favorite MusicMusic, look at a large selection of audiobooks, read a great deal of fiction, and choose from various radio stations.

That is why you would never get bored of it. Millions of people have downloaded the app over the years. The audio version of your favorite book can be downloaded using this app if you are too busy to read it. Listening to soothing MusicMusic before sleep can help you relax your mind.

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